Why I’m Live Streaming My NaNoWriMo

Why I’m Live Streaming My NaNoWriMo

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One word: accountability.

I’ve tried NaNoWriMo so many times before. NaNoWriMo has morphed into the equivalent of starting a new diet at the New Year: starts out pretty great, but by day three you are starving and the Urban Dictionary’s stock photo of hangry and no one can stand to be around your grumpy ass.

Life is Movement and Movement is Art

I’m traveling to a different country each month for the next year.

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And in addition to my marketing and branding consultancy, I’ve decided to create and perform a piece of performance art in each country that I live.

Experience my first performance art: LOST SOCK.

With NaNoWriMo looming, I thought I would combine my love of performance art and writing by LiveStreaming my writing attempts.

I’m approaching the entire thing as an improvisational movement, much like my first performance art in Kuala Lumpur. In that piece, I interviewed a subject live who didn’t know she was going to be involved and I used the story she told to choreograph on-the-fly — known as improvisational movement — a modern dance or interpretive dance to her themes, words, emotions, etc. Creating a work of live art in real time.

I completed my first LiveStream simultaneously on Facebook Live and on Periscope moments ago.

*celebratory dance moves*

Watch it on YouTube or view it with Live comments on Facebook.

I was hesitant to put a time constraint on this daily act of writing, however, I knew I wanted the LiveStream to be at least 30 minutes and at most an hour.

Facebook had HD quality while Periscope did not. I do like how Periscope has the ability to record the entire view in landscape or widescreen, something I can’t get Facebook to do. I have a friend who has a 360 video camera, so I might try to arrange to have that for a few days.


In my first performance “Lost Sock,” the audio cut out from the LiveStream for the first five minutes, so my explanation is completely cut and viewers who weren’t present get dropped into the middle of this difficult story about love and loss.

Much in the same fashion, I met someone who wanted to talk to me about the Book of Knowledge at the coffee shop I’m writing from today about 30 minutes before I was set to start. In addition to delaying the start time, the first bit of the video isn’t of me writing, but it’s of me explaining my preferred writing genre: Creative Non-Fiction.

What a serendipitous conversation to start out the series.

I continue to be surprised that I am, indeed, at all surprised when these performances work out better than I could have ever imagined.

When will I cease to be surprised at the way setting your intention and making it clear for the world to see has tremendous power? I can’t predict that either, but I trust that one day I’ll be able to rest easy in this knowledge

like the support from the buoyancy of a small stretch of water in a giant ocean, or
like relaxing your head back into another’s caress, or
like being pulled into a gentle slumber atop a pile of clean laundry.

What sweet surrender that will be.

. . .

Your support is very much appreciated. Happy (early) #NaNoWriMo!

Pineapple Speakeasy

Pineapple Speakeasy

Sunset over Thailand

Sunset over Thailand